2011 New Years Resolutions for Mind Body and Spirit

explosion-firework-new-year-s-eve-december-31ECO-HERBALISTA WISHES YOU ALL A HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS AND ENLIGHTENING NEW YEAR in 2011!!!

I want to share my favorite Green New Year’s Resolutions from my own list and from friends and family. What are your commitments and resolutions for 2011?


Commit to peaceful living. Become a tree hugging dirt worshiper. Live way more waste free. Have eco friendly celebrations. Go beyond individual comfort zone in order to spread the word about biggest concerns on our planet. Compost. Go fossil fuel free once a week and not drive. Have fun for free. Play board games. Believe. Choose my path wisely. Do what you love.Body

Eat more vegetables. Eat meatless on Monday or any other day of the week. Grow my own food. Plant more fruit trees, herbs, wheat-grass. Sprout sprouts. Bake bread. Watch the night sky. Make beans from scratch. Buy foods in bulk. Be aware. Use Alternative medicine/complementary medicine. Drink more green tea. Go natural. Learn something new. Practice yoga daily. Enjoy the food you get to eat.


Love. Forgive. Participate in the 01-01-11 GLOBAL MEDITATION at 9 am PST for peace, love, and global harmony. Meditate. Enjoy time with friends and family. Be in gratitude the food you eat. Work on my intuitive gifts. Know we are special. Trust the 6th sense in all of us. Love some more.

~From Queen Oprah Winfrey, 
”Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.”