Jill Troderman Santa Cruz Holistic Nutrition

Jill Troderman is an award winning Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Nutrition Educator specializing in family and child nutrition. She is the creator of The Food Tree Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Curriculum due out in print early 2020, The Food Tree Poster and The Food Tree Magnetic Boards.

Jill provides nutrition counseling and teaches and leads workshops on holistic nutrition, healthy cooking, medicinal tea crafting, and gardening.

1 Hour Personal Nutrition Session

Welcome to Holistic Family Nutrition. It is my mission to provide you with the highest quality care.

My services in nutrition are complementary to healing arts that are licensed by the State of California.

The concept of holistic nutrition is that when properly grown and prepared, foods and the nutrients found in them, as well as in certain herbs and supplements, are supportive of health, enhancing the quality of life and well-being.

As a practitioner of nutrition, I will provide you with the followings kinds of services:

  • Diet and nutrition evaluation
  • Individualized dietary guidance appropriate to your lifestyle and environment
  • Education, research, and guidance on managing and healing your health issues
  • Health support complementary to that provided by licensed professionals

60 Minute Session

In-person appointments held at Jill Troderman's office.
Remote appointments by phone or video chat are also available. Choose "We'll come to you" for your appointment location when booking online.

90 Minute Initial Nutrition Session

Discover the most beneficial nutrition plan for your unique combination of body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Nutrition Counseling is the best gift you can give yourself and family so you get the mind, body, and spiritual support and motivation you need to meet your health goals.

Specializing in family wellness, digestive issues, hormone/pms/menopause, ADD/ADHD, liver support, detox, stress, kitchen makeovers and greening your home.

90 Minute Session:  $125.00

In-person appointments held at Jill Troderman's office at 482 Sundance Hill, Soquel, CA 95073.
Remote appointments by phone or video chat are also available. Choose "We'll come to you" for your appointment location when booking online.

4 Week Holistic Nutrition Support Package

90 Day Nutrition Program

Receive 4 sixty-minute customized nutrition counseling sessions plus weekly email support. Use these sessions to boost your and your family’s health anytime during the year. We address your nutritional needs for common health conditions, acute illnesses, depression, anxiety, GI complaints, sleep, mood imbalances, hormone issues, picky eaters, vegan and vegetarian diets, acute periods of stress, different phases of life, and during seasonal changes.

This is a great way to treat yourself to really go deep and get comprehensive support as well as being a basic preventative health measure.

What you can expect:

  • Identify Health Goals and Mission
  • Develop together customized food and meal plan unique to you and your family
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan
  • Create a wellness lifestyle plan
  • Recommendations for supplements and herbs
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Provide education, research, and guidance addressing your health issues
  • Encouragement and Motivation
  • Email questions for additional support

4 60 Minute Sessions + weekly personal support

Call Jill Troderman at 831-239-1021 to find out more details.

The Holistic Way to Optimal Weight and Wellness for Women

Weight loss program for women

A Mind, Body and Spirit Balancing Experience

This fun and engaging series will propel you forward towards your health goals while supporting you in the most loving and kind way.

Call Jill Troderman at 831-239-1021 to find out all the details.