Nutrition Services Praise

Kelly W."I have been inspired by Jill’s personal testament to nutrition, knowing that her children ‘fight over’ kale, from their own backyard garden!  In addition, she has greatly helped me think of easy ways to implement tasty & nutritious food for my whole family into my schedule.  This goes a long, long way.  She is not only informative & practical, but passionate about what she does with a great sense of humor."
–  Kelly Wainwright, mother

"Wanted to say thanks for such a great session. You really gave us a new outlook on our nutritional goals. I enjoyed talking with you & appreciate all you did. You are obviously very skilled & very passionate about what you do. I will tell everyone about what an awesome service you provide. We look forward to seeing you again!"
–  Mara B.

"Thanks for the encouragement and the sharing of your knowledge. I took away more than I expected and look forward to meeting with you (again). I always believe we meet the people we meet for a reason."
–  Joyce O. Santa Cruz

Praise for The Food Tree

"The Food Tree is a fun, engaging hands-on tool for helping kids understand and make good food choices. With clear guides to the most updated recommendations for nutritional wellness, it’s a wonderful method for clinicians, teachers, dietitians, and parents to prevent childhood obesity and poor nutrition."
– Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, MHS

"I love it!"
– Bruce Block, MD Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Pediatrics

"I love The Food Tree. It’s so different from the traditional Food Pyramid. This is definitely the way we all should eat, Today, I am going to draw it and share it with my children. IT’S GREAT!! Thank you!"
– Florisabel via web comments

Community Classes Praise

"Holistic Nutritionist Jill Troderman has been a great resource for many of our low-income individuals who come to the education portion of our food distributions. Her lessons are informative and clear. She offers a unique perspective for people interested in increasing their personal, family and community’s health through a whole and nutritious diet. Her continuous encouragement and commitment are also fundamental in her teaching, where she helps individuals feel as though a healthy change is truly possible."
– Eva Holt-Rusmore, Nutrition Programs Coordinator, SHFB- Second Harvest Food Bank

"I was very impressed with the presentation. We all very much enjoyed and appreciated your visit to our class. Students learned more than you likely imagined as well."
– Andy Shapiro, 7th Grade Teacher, New Brighton Middle School

"The chocolate truffles class was such fun!!!! Yummy, healthy fun!!!”
— Michele M.

"Thank you for your workshop. It was my favorite. It made a light bulb go on and I went “Oh, I get it” (as a newbie of course)."
– Rebecca H.

"Thank you so much for the info. Your event at the Reskilling Expo was the one I enjoyed the most. Thank you so much for all the useful knowledge. I thought the Reskilling Expo really benefited from your hands-on event, too, and more presenters should be doing what you did. Thank you!"
– Colleen

"Love the work you are doing and your enthusiasm for teaching plant propagation."
– Uma M., Santa Cruz