Jill Troderman, NC

Jill Troderman is an award winning Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Nutrition Educator specializing in family and child nutrition. She is the creator of The Food Tree Guide to Holistic Nutrition, The Food Tree Magnetic Boards, and The Food Tree Curriculum K-12, designed to support and enhance the quality of life and well-being through eating a healthy whole foods diet. The Food Tree curriculum is used in schools, doctor’s offices, homes, and gyms.

Jill is passionate about  all things wellness and used the concept of balancing the mind, body, spirit as a holistic healing and wellness model. Her goal is to help women, children, and families to “Create A Diet As Unique as You Are!“.  She provides nutrition counseling and teaches and leads workshops on holistic nutrition, healthy cooking, medicinal tea crafting and gardening.

Her love of plants and the powerful healing to be found from them is probably the number one reason she began on the path learning about natural medicine and the positive force of natural, integrative healing and wellbeing.  Please schedule an appointment to get the most out of your foods and lifestyle with Jill’s support, knowledge, compassion, and guidance. 

Jill is an awarding winning member of NANP,  the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

NANP Spotlight Interview