Monthly Garden Calendars

Grow your own foods, herbs and medicines! Enjoy these monthly garden calendars that provide information on what to grow, when to grow it, when to harvest, when to prune, organic pest control and more!

2nd Annual Santa Cruz CommUNITY Harvest Music Festival on September 23, 2023.

Save The Date! September 23, 2023 The 2nd Annual Santa Cruz CommUNITY Music Festival 2023 with Superblume and The Anthony Arya Band! Come and enjoy this community-building health, wellness, peace, … Read More

Grow Your Own: June in the Garden

June in the Garden While we are busy dismantling the old Earth and creating a New Earth, spending time in nature is pure healing medicine. Whether you love to grow … Read More

Grow Your Own Garden May Guide

Warm weather, blue skies, chirping birds…Spring is finally here and I have a ton of great garden tips to share with you for the month of May. There are plenty … Read More

February Garden Calendar

Spring is in the air, but the calendar reminds us we are still in the middle of winter. I’m sure the folks back east probably don’t need any reminders. But, … Read More

Getting Dirty in November ~ Garden Calendar

We have the privilege to enjoy gardening all year round in California but don’t hate us for it! Our dear friends elsewhere, start lushing over all those garden catalogues during … Read More

Willow Rooting Hormone for Plant Propagation

Forget about using chemical hormones to root your plant starts. Instead, with this recipe, you can make your own NATURAL rooting hormone using branches from the willow genus. Willow trees … Read More

Gardening In May

Gardening in May   Whether you are baking in full sun or still experiencing winter like weather, you can still get a head start on this years garden. Look below for … Read More

Getting Dirty in December ~ Garden Calendar
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Cool winter winds rustle the last remaining leaves on deciduous trees. Get out there and enjoy the outdoors! PLANT START IN FLATS DIRECT SOW PLUS many other gardeny things to … Read More

October Garden Calendar

Autumn is already here but why am I surprised? It’s as if I want to slow down the natural cycles to enjoy just a few more hot summer days. However, … Read More

Getting Dirty in September ~ Fall Garden Calendar

Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your gloves and trowel. In fact, September is a great time of year to garden and the … Read More

August Garden Calendar

August is one of my favorite months to garden in. For one, I love that we can just eat our way through it!  I love the sun kissed smell of … Read More

July Garden Calendar

It is the beginning of July, thankfully warm, and therefore we can officially say summer is here. The hot sun and long days feels glorious. July is a peak month … Read More

Rooting Mediums for Plant Propagation

Here is a list of ideal potting mixes to use for plant propagation. Experiment to see which mixes and in what combinations work best for your cuttings. Ideally, rooting medium will … Read More

Getting Dirty In January – Garden Calendar

The Happy New Year brings all kinds of new opportunities to spend more quality time growing your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs.  We also take time to tune in to … Read More

Putting Your Volunteers to Work

Whoop Whoop! That is how I feel when I find a volunteer. Volunteers are everywhere but I’m not talking about the kind you need to solicit for your kid’s school … Read More