Rooting Mediums for Plant Propagation

Rooting Mediums for Plant Propagation

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Here is a list of ideal potting mixes to use for plant propagation. Experiment to see which mixes and in what combinations work best for your cuttings. Ideally, rooting medium will be sterile, low in fertility, and have good drainage to provide oxygen to developing roots, yet will retain water so as not to cause water stress.

Herbaceous Cuttings

Potting soil, perlite

Peat, perlite, vermiculite

Potting soil, sand

Potting soil, vermiculite, coarse sand

Semi-Hardwood-Stem Cuttings

Perlite, peat moss

Perlite, vermiculite

Rooting Containers

Plant Pot covered with a plastic bag and tie. Can also put a 2 -inch diameter terracotta pot in the middle of a large 6-inch pot. Stop up drainage hole with putty, fill with water, and place in the center of pot that is filled with rooting medium.

Terrarium –on a layer of pea gravel, put 3- 4 inches of moistened rooting medium. May put trays filled with medium on top of the pea gravel. Cover with glass or plastic.

Cold frame- Choose a cover such as an old window. Make sure it is light enough to lift easily. A width of 2-1/2 – to 3 feet is ideal. Build frame out of scrap material or redwood to fit the dimensions of the window. The frame slopes from about 1-1/2 feet in the back to one foot high in the front. Use galvanized steel hinges to attach the cover to the frame and apply weather stripping around the top edges of the box. Allow for proper ventilation.