"The Food Tree magnetic board is a fun, engaging hands-on tool for helping kids understand and make good food choices. With clear guides to the most up-to-date recommendations for nutritional wellness, it’s a wonderful method for clinicians, teachers, dieticians, and parents to prevent childhood obesity and poor nutrition.” — Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, MHS

The Food Tree Magnetic Board

Family Size Board

Perfect for your children to use at school, day care, and home.

$39.00 + $15.00 tax/shipping

Framed, 12" x 18"

Giant School Size Board

Wall mountable in a super fun size for use in schools, doctor’s offices and fitness centers.

$139.00 + $15.00 tax/shipping

Framed, 24” x 36”

Food Tree Characters

Beware of the Nutrition Vampires!

The Food Tree magnets cover the full range of powerful food that can help protect your body from the addictive, nutrition-draining Vampire food products.