Gardening In May

Gardening In May

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Gardening in May  

Whether you are baking in full sun or still experiencing winter like weather, you can still get a head start on this years garden. Look below for tips and ideas of what to grow this time of year.



V: Beans, corn, cucumber, eggplant, muskmelons, peppers, summer squash, watermelon A: ageratum, celosia, cosmos, coreopsis, petunia, snapdragons, sunflower, zinnia H: basil



V: Beans, corn, eggplant, muskmelons, okra, peppers, squash, tomatoes P: alstromeria, begonias, dahlia, gaillardia, geranium, lavender, lobelia, marigolds, nicotiana, penstemon, petunias, phlox, salvia, sunflowers, verbena H: basil, thyme Almost any tree, shrub, vine or perennial


V: Beans, beets, carrots, corn, cucumber, eggplant, greens, onions, pepper, sweet peas, tomatoes


FERTILIZE naturally with N-P-K

Fertilize most plants and lawns and water in well. Please use organic non chemical fertilizers. Mulch, fish emulsion, manure are great ways to incorporate a layer of nutrients. Apply iron chelate to azalea, camellia, citrus and gardenia if foliage is yellowish with green veins. Use a slow release nitrogen like alfalfa meal on annuals.



Pinch back evergreen shrubs, thin citrus, remove suckers from roses and fruit trees. Deadhead spring flowering shrubs after they bloom.



Mulch to conserve water and to control weeds.



Treat rust, mildew, and black spot on roses. Trap gophers. Knock off aphids with strong steam of water. Handpick or trap snails, slugs and earwigs.



Harden off seedlings. Plant cover crop of bell beans, vetch and annual buckwheat every 6 weeks through September 15. Do not water natives plants. Check irrigation system. Give live plants for Mother’s Day. Aerate compacted lawns.