Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation

Holistic Nutrition Counseling is the best gift you can give yourself to get the mind, body, and spiritual support and motivation you need to meet your health goals.

Do you long to truly take the best care of yourself but need to get clear on your underlying health issues or nutritional imbalances?

Do you want to know once and for all what the best and healthiest foods to feed your yourself are to achieve the best health, clear skin, great digestion, charged up metabolism all with a positive outlook on life?

You are not alone if you are craving simple and easy ways to navigate today’s food and wellness landscape. More than ever before in history, our society is facing seemingly insurmountable health challenges and confusion around diet, foods, and lifestyle. My philosophy is simple.

I have created a Holistic Way of Eating and Living called The Food Tree Guide to Holistic Nutrition and it is based on THE MIND BODY SPIRT way of living….and eating.

We will work on YOU. I love to use medicinal herbs, teas, and supplements. I provide nutrition consulting to women, mothers and in Soquel, Santa Cruz County or by Skype/Phone.

90-minute $125

Please call 831-316-5086 to schedule an appointment.

Personal Nutrition Session: 

60 Minute $95

Please call 831-316-5086 to schedule an appointment.

Become a Member of the On-Line Apothecary

Gain access to thousands of professional grade supplements and have them shipped right to your doorstep.  I carry brands including Metagenics, Designs for Health and Gaia Herbs. The first step is to set up a 30-minute exploratory session and then within 2-3 business days you will have 24-hour access to your customized selection of your favorite top quality vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fish oils, herbs, tinctures, protein powders and more.

Please call 831-316-5086 to set up an appointment or go to our contact page to email us. Initial dispensary set up fee is $25.

6 Week Women’s Path to Optimal Health and Optimal Weight with Holistic Nutrition and Medicinal Herbs

This series is a Mind, Body and Spirit Balancing Experience

Begins January 7th, 2017. Every Saturday 6 weeks 10am – 1pm. Snacks and tea included

Space is limited to 12 so reserve your spot early. jill at

This fun and engaging series will propel you forward towards your health goals while supporting you in the most loving and kind way.


Six empowering, inspiring and empowering group holistic nutrition and wellness classes focusing on balancing the mind body and spirit.

  • Create a Mission Statement
  • Get support identifying your health, wellness and nutrition goals
  • Create your own customized and comprehensive nutrition plan
  • Evaluate your BMI/ BMR to create optimal weight goals
  • Get loving kind support from other amazing women who are also on a wellness journey
  • Receive recommendations and detailed protocols for foods, supplement and herbs
  • Have access to weekly meal/menu planning templates, ideas, and delicious recipes
  • Get support in creating your own “Passion for Action” plan
  • Receive therapeutic lifestyle guidance via private Facebook group and email.

Plus, you will get your own downloadable Food Tree Guide to Holistic Nutrition Workbook!

We can’t wait to start the New Year off in the greatest most supportive way. See you then! Jill

Learn More About What I Offer

Lectures, Workshops, or Nutrition Education Classes are available for your school or company. Please call 831-316-5086 or email for more information and scheduling.