cheddar-MuffinsTrunk: Whole Grains


Amaranth, barley, brown rice, corn, millet, whole wheat, oats, quinoa

½ cup cooked serving size /  5 servings

The trunk of the tree represents Whole Grains. Imagine that the tree trunk is like the trunk of the body. Eating whole unprocessed grains keeps the trunk of our body standing strong and solid. Eating a diet full of fluffy white processed grains creates overweight and obesity that lead to a whole host of serious health issues, including diabetes. So keep the grains in your foods whole and healthy.

Whole grains  that contain the valuable germ and bran supply the body and brain with energy from broken down sugars called glucose. They provide essential B vitamins and minerals including iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. Whole grains also provide essential fiber that is important for supporting good digestion by keeping the intestines healthy.

Whole Grain Servings

1 oz. cooked cereal

½ cup cooked rice, pasta or grain

1 slice bread, 1 slice pita

¾ cup dried cereal, 1 oz. of dry, ready-to-eat cereal

½ bagel, English muffin