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We provide Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Nutrition Counseling, Nutraceuticals, Plants, Books, Eco Friendly Gifts,  Classes, Food Demos, and more!

Envision A Healthy Lifestyle!

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Classic Chocolate Truffles

 Who Says Chocolate Isn’t A Health Food?

Mood booster- check √

Heart healthy treat- check √

Delicious and nutritious-  check √

These truffles are literally out of this world! The combined richness in taste and creamy texture will have you closing your eyes as they melt in your mouth taking you to far away dreamy places! Read more



Asparagus Says Spring!!

Asparagus Says Spring!!

Spring is here and so are the asparagus shoots. In our modern day quest to eat locally grown foods in season,  asparagus is the vegetable to start with. The growing season is short, lasting 4-6 weeks, so indulge in theses robust delicacies while they are at their peak.

That said, I encourage you to take every opportunity to eat this delicious and highly nutritive vegetable.  Asparagus are loaded with a bevy of vitamins like Read more

Green Living


The Dirty Truth About Antibacterial Soap

Wash your hands!!! We say it to the kids all day long. We see signs for the employees in restaurant bathrooms and then pray that they wash their hands! Read more