Pleasure Point Apothecary

Providing Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Nutrition Counseling, Vitamins and SupplementsPlants, Books, Green Gifts, Classes, and more!

Open  Monday – Saturday  11- 5 pm
        879 41st Ave, Santa Cruz 831-316-5086

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Shepherd’s Pie, Vegetarian Style

Introducing the ultimate veggie comfort food -Veggie Shepherd’s Pie! And, not surprisingly, is both of my sons’ favorite dish. Well, we all love this dish, especially on a cold winter night when you need cozy hardy food to warm you all over. Read more



Five Flu Fighting Foods Your Kids Will Love

Flu season is best navigated by a good dose of common sense and a good helping of nutritive foods to keep you and your family healthy. As a family holistic nutritionist, I love Hippocrates’ message, Read more

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Nicest Way To Send a Thank-You-Note

Whatever the reason to send a thank you note, appreciation, or even a little love letter, it’s a nice gesture in our email – text worshiping world to actually make your own envelope and card and send it snail mail or even better, hand deliver! Read more