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Do you long to truly take the best care of yourself and your family but don't know who to trust or what to believe?

Do you want to know once and for all what the best and healthiest foods to feed your yourself and your awesome deserving family are?

You are not alone if you are craving simple and easy ways to navigate today's food and wellness landscape. More than ever before in history, our society is facing seemingly insurmountable health challenges and confusion around diet, foods and lifestyle. My philosophy is simple.

I have created a Holistic Way of Eating and Living called The Food Tree Guide to Holistic Nutrition and it is based on THE MIND BODY SPIRT way of living....and eating.

I believe The Food Tree has the potential to be the new food guide for the children and schools in the United States. Every single person, including you and your children, can base their unique individualized diet on The Food Tree model of eating. Whether you typically eat vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten free, omnivore...or any other way, you can Eat The Food Tree way!!  Click here to visit The Food Tree page to learn more. 

Nutrition Counseling Please call 831-316-5086 to schedule an appointment, to order teas, medicinal herbs and supplements. I provide nutrition consulting to women, mothers and family's in your home if your are local or by Skype/Phone.

The Food Tree Guide is all about Living Sustainably and eating and feeding your family Holistically by providing foods that are Organic, Fresh, In-Season, Fair Trade, Nutrition Vampire Free, Local, Home-Grown, and Delicious. It also means being physically active in your daily life and being spiritually aware of your connectedness to the rest of the world and humanity.  It is from this viewpoint that you will see that you and your family deserve to be healthy and thrive by growing, shopping for, cooking and eating the best and healthiest foods that our beautiful Earth offers.

Are you ready to make the change towards living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle?

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Jill Troderman is an award winning Holistic Nutritionist and creator of The Food Tree Guide To Holistic Nutrition. Her mission is to Educate, Jill_037_r_smInspire and Empower family's to "Eat The Food Tree". The Food Tree and The Five Food Groups- Supporting Families with Holistic Nutrition since 2007!