Pleasure Point Apothecary


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Tuesday – Saturday 11-5

879 41st Ave, Santa Cruz

We provide Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Nutrition Counseling, Nutraceuticals, Plants, Books, Eco Friendly Gifts,  Classes, Food Demos, and more!

Envision A Healthy Lifestyle!

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Adzuki Bean Burgers

Pronounced “ah-zoo-kee”, these lil’ bitty red beans are simply scrumptious.  They provide a delightful nutty flavor and a nice texture along with a good deal of protein, too. Read more



Calendula – First Aid (Calendula officinalis)

Like a mini burst of sunshine in the garden, Calendula is a darling amongst herbalists and gardeners. Calendula has amazing skin healing properties and is primarily used topically in salves and oils for cuts, bruises and burns. The petals are edible, too, and make a delightful addition to salads.

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Green Living


August Garden Calendar

August is one of my favorite months to garden in. For one, I love that we can just eat our way through it!  I love the sun kissed smell of the earth as I crunch over the hot redwood needles. This is called forest aromatherapy creating instant peace of mind. I love finding the seed heads popping as they are always full of promise and hope. I collect seeds and plant cuttings wherever I go and sometimes forget Read more