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New-Years-resolution.jthumbHappy Channukah, Merry Christmas and Blessings for an Amazing New Year!!

Providing Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Nutrition Counseling, Vitamins and SupplementsPlants, Books, Green Gifts, Classes, and more!
Closed November 25-27 for Thanksgiving
Holiday Hours: Monday – Saturday  11- 5 pm
         879 41st Ave, Santa Cruz 831-316-5086

It has been a long time vision to create an apothecary, although 20 years ago the dream was called The Synergy Center and later called The Green Living Center. I am so grateful that I kept believing in my dream in opening a healing space, now realized as the Pleasure Point Apothecary! I am pretty sure 20 years ago I did not even know what an apothecary was!


1. to be a place of herbal and natural medicine 2. to be a place to receive health care information, guidance, and support 3. to be a person who sells medicine

And so the journey began.  My love of plants is probably the number one reason I began my path learning about natural medicine and the powers of natural, integrative healing and wellbeing.  That passion prompted my desire to create a public place to discuss, share and learn more about natural healing! My vision was to turn my reverence for plants, gardening, healthy living into a store or – an apothecary – that would truly embody all things that support healthy lifestyles. Pleasure Point Apothecary sells organic locally grown herbs, tinctures, teas, bitters, fermented elixirs and professional grade nutraceuticals. We feature companies including PURE, Apex Energetics, Natura, and Integrative Theraputics… Plus, we provide a lovely array of green gifts, beauty and home care items including products from Moss Botanicals, Danamala, Big Dipper, and amazing skin care products from wellness expert, Nieves. The Pleasure Point Apothecary is also the home base for The Food Tree Guide To Holistic Nutrition. To learn more about this project, click HERE!

Nutrition Counseling- Please call 831-316-5086 to schedule an appointment or click here to see what we offer.

Classes, Food Demos, and Workshops. Please check often to see our upcoming calendar!!

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  1. Florisabel

    I love the Food Tree. So different from the traditional Food Pyramid. This is definitely the way we all should eat, Today I am going to draw it and share it with my children. IT”S GREAT!!
    Thank you

  2. jtroderman

    Thank you for your kind comment! I am glad you like The Food Tree!!