National Revolt Against TSA – National Opt Out Day Nov. 24th

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Refuse the Naked Body Scanner and Invasive “Enhanced” Pat Downs

Welcome to the New World Order. Enhanced security measures are being employed at airports across the country and are causing quite a rebellion. The new TSA policy of using Naked Body Scanners, aka Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) in security areas, show the naked image of the passenger while getting a potentially dangerous dose of radiation. If you choose to opt out of this screening you will then be subjected to a 2-4 minute highly invasive “enhanced” full body pat down with the agents now authorized to touch sexual organs with their fingers and palms. Up until just days ago, children under 12 were subjected to these public gropings but was changed to only people 12 and older.

According to the National Opt-Out Day website, “The goal of National Opt-Out Day is to send a message to our lawmakers that we demand change.  No naked body scanners, no government-approved groping.  We have a right to privacy and buying a plane ticket should not mean that we’re guilty until proven innocent.” People are also concerned that if not stopped these machines that violate our basic human rights could turn up at schools, shopping centers, sporting events and even busy city streets.

I am deeply concerned about the disturbing turn of events in our country. Please read on for reasons why I urge each of you to Opt Out today, tomorrow and on November 24th from the Naked Body Scanners and degrading Enhanced Pat Downs.

Naked Body Scanners Ionizing Radiation may Cause Skin Cancers

Passengers are to pass through and hold a position with hands in the air as if being held up at gun point while being dosed with ionizing radiation that has been known to cause cancer, notably skin, and in instances causing DNA damage especially in children, the elderly or those with other gene repair challenges.

According to Dr. David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University and a professor of radiation biophysics,  there is concern about the widespread use of these devices. “If you think of the entire population of, shall we say a billion people per year going through these scanners, it’s very likely that some number of those will develop cancer from the radiation from these scanners,” he said.

“If there are increases in cancers as a result of irradiation of children, they would most likely appear some decades in the future. It would be prudent not to scan the head and neck,” added Brenner.

Scientists warn that the dose emitted by the naked x-ray devices could be up to 20 times higher than originally estimated.

Worlds Pilots Refuse Naked Body Scanners

Capt. Mike Cleary, president of the U.S. Airline Pilots Association, wrote to members in a letter this week, encouraging pilots and members not go through the scanners because of radiation risk. “Pilots should NOT submit to AIT (Advanced Imaging Technology) screening.” He continues, “Based on currently available medical information, USAPA has determined that frequent exposure to TSA-operated scanner devices may subject pilots to significant health risks,” Cleary wrote.

USAPA represents more than 5,000 US Airways pilots.

When You Opt Out you are Singled Out

Regardless if you choose the virtual strip search or a public pat down, passengers have said both of these security measures are oppressive, humiliating and intimidating and do not belong in our airports. Apparently the TSA agent hollers loudly “Opt Out Opt Out, if you choose to Opt Out in an effort to further call attention to those rebels who settle for a pat down. The TSA has admitted they want to make you feel uncomfortable in an effort to get everyone to go through the x-ray machines.

Currently there are 317 of the advanced imaging technology machines now in use at 65 airports around the country. Ambitiously, the TSA plans to install hundreds more of the backscatter machines this year, 500 next year, until all 2000 metal detectors are replaced at all security check points in this land of the free.

Right to Privacy and The Fourth Amendment

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

Citizens Take Action

Organizers of We Won’t Fly urge people to make a stand against conforming to these oppressive travel situations.  In addition to telling people not to fly and take other methods of transportation they also put together a great list of things we all can do to preserve our rights.

They suggest the following on How to Raise Hell

  1. Participate in National Opt Out Day at any local airport.
  2. Stop flying.
  3. OPT OUT of the scanners. EVERY TIME!
  4. Educate yourself, your family, friends and neighbors.
  5. Organize an educational event at your local airport for National Opt Out Day, Nov 24.
  6. Create a video saying why you won’t fly. And send us a link!
  7. Protest to the airlines.
  8. Make a fuss to the hotels.
  9. Complain to the government.Report your experience to EPIC.
  10. File a complaint with the ACLU.
  11. File a TSA Civil Rights complaint.
  12. File an online TSA complaint.
  13. Tell We Won’t Fly your TSA story.
  14. Tweet your feelings with hashtag #wontfly
  15. Like our Facebook page.
  16. Connect with us on Twitter.
  17. Post to Facebook.
  18. Blog or make a video about your feelings and experiences.
  19. Ask local media to cover this story.

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4 Responses

  1. Anker Frankoni

    I remember the tail end of the Golden Age of air-travel: Sometime around spring of 1988. Back then one could still cheerfully show up at the airport about an hour before departure time, walk through security WITH THEIR SHOES ON, and upon boarding the plane find a seat towards the rear and settle in to listen to “RELAX” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood on a Sony Walkman tape player and proceed to smoke an entire pack of Marlboros between SFO and JFK. I’ve happily traded my Walkman in for iPod, my Marlboros for clean air, but I pine for every other missing element of a life living in the Land of the Free. Oh, and what has replaced “RELAX” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, you ask? System of a Down’s “A.D.D. ~ American Dream Denial.” Cue that up on yer iPod next time you have to face the body scanners…. Better yet, next time you have long distance domestic travel requirements, give yourself a little extra time, pack a copy of “War and Peace” or “Don Quixote” and hop on an AMTRAK – You won’t believe how quickly the scanner-free, frisk-free train will rekindle the romance of travel!

  2. eborelli

    “but I pine for every other missing element of a life living in the Land of the Free” really struck me – all the freedoms we’ve lost to a media-driven culture of fear. Time to take it back people!!

  3. Kelly

    I think people need to have a national no fly week. Nothing talks like revenue loss in the USA. It will be inconvenient but worth it.

  4. jtroderman

    Great idea and thanks for the comment. Dollars speak louder than words sometimes.