Relaxing Hot Salt Bath

Relaxing Hot Salt Bath

In my quest for inner and outer peace I hear the words “Peace Begins With Me”, a mantra my dear friend Chris uses all the time, and I am glad she does because it allows me to vision all the lovely things I can do to usher in peace!

(Thanks for reminding me, Chris!)  Because don’t you think, if each one of us were relaxed perhaps the world would be a happier and therefore a more peaceful place?

One of my favorite ways to access inner peace (because remember it begins with me, and you) is to enjoy a Hot Salt Bath (recipe below). During the bath time I also bring into practice an ancient technique of relaxing my forehead. Yes, you heard me. Relax Your Forehead. I must confess this technique was new to me until just recently although it did sound familiar. I heard these sage words by the revered Swami Veda on a trip I took to stunning Rancho La Puerta, in Tecate Mexico this past fall.

As he repeated that phrase over and over during the coarse of the week, it began to sink in and I started to actually practice relaxing my forehead. It sounds like an easy enough thing to do but it was actually pretty hard (for some of us challenged people). The reason it was so hard to do is because we are usually not even aware that we have a tensed forehead. So becoming aware of inner tension is the first challenge, and once you get that, the relaxation begins.

So please add the ancient sage technique of Forehead Relaxing to your list of stress releasing strategies, then actually try to remember to relax your forehead, and while you’re at, create time in your day to take a relaxing hot soak in the tub!

To Make Bath Salts:

Salts added to a hot bath is a great way to restore tired muscles, to invigorate the soul, and to draw toxins out from the body. Salts may be drying to the skin so be sure to moisturize after.

Use a base of Epsom salt, mixed with or without sea salt. You can find Epsom salts at any drugstore or health food store.

Use 1 part herb blend to 3 part salt blend

Choose one or more of the herbs below and grind finely in a spice grinder. If herbs are to leafy, tie them up in muslin so they don’t clog the drain!

Try using Chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, linden, valerian, wild oat for a relaxing bath.

Grind 1/3 of the salt then add herbs to the salt.

Store bath salts in a glass jar.


Add 1-2 cups of salt to bath water, swish around to dissolve.

Relax your forehead as you soak and breath in peace.