Food Tree Magnetic Boards!

Food Tree Magnetic Boards!

The Food Tree Magnetic Boards are the perfect fun and engaging learning tool for preschool through 5th graders reinforcing real honest to goodness nutrition education. We are offering The Food Tree Magnetic Boards in two awesome sizes and are getting ready to create even more styles to fit everyones needs.


The Food Tree Magnetic Boards come with more than 100 magnets, including icons of foods from The Five Food Groups, action pictures, water drops, rainbow flowers and vampire foods.

Learning about great foods and nutrition while having fun at the same time is what The Food Tree Magnetic Boards are all about.

Children learn proper nutrition by placing food, water and action magnets on the tree representing the foods, drinks and activities they enjoyed during the day. These interactive tools foster understanding and awareness of their current diet and activity levels as well as what they can do to make their lives even healthier.

 The GIANT Food Tree Magnetic Board (24” x 36”)

is a wall mountable hands-on multi-dimensional magnetic board that comes in a super fun size for use in schools, doctor’s offices and fitness centers.

The Family Size Food Tree Magnetic Board

(12” x 18”) is perfect for your children to use and enjoy at home.

With all of the enthusiasm, we already sold out of the first batch! Please email or call to put your name on the waiting list to reserve your board from our next production run. And please tell us what size or sizes you want and how many of each!

 Climb the Food Tree!