Bee Love Facial

Bee Love Facial

We love bees! They bring buzz to our gardens and honey to our tea. I have always had a strong affinity towards these little yellow and black striped beauties, but this year, in particular, I felt a need to celebrate bees and share with you the many benefits these little insects offer.

While bees seem so commonplace, they are dedicated workers who give us so much to be grateful for. So in honor of bees this month, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite ways to enjoy the gift of honey. I slather it all over my face!!

Honey Facial

This is the easiest, most cost-effective, and most readily available facial you will ever come across and the main ingredient, honey, is probably in your pantry. If not, add it to your staple supply list today!

To begin, wash your face with warm water and your favorite cleanser. While your face is still warm and moist, apply a generous amount of honey to your face, about two tablespoons. Of course, it will be sticky and tacky so use your fingers to smooth all over as best you can and then gently tap your fingers all over your face, pulling your skin out a bit. The tackiness will help increases your skin’s elasticity, stimulating blood circulation and will pull out fine lines and wrinkles.  Honey is naturally anti-microbial thereby gently deep cleansing your facial pores, leaving skin smooth and silky. Honey does a great job exfoliating dead skin, too, because it contains alpha-hydroxy acid.

Leave the honey on for 10-20 minutes as it adds moisture and nourishment to your skin. Rinse with warm water and gently pat your skin dry. This is one of my favorite facials I do for myself. I feel so refreshed afterward and my skin has a new youthful glow.

If you are feeling more adventurous add any of the following ingredients to create your mask.

¼ cup rolled oats, finely ground

¼ avocado, mashed

1 tbs. White or green clay

Combine until smooth and apply as suggested above.